This Bud’s For You & Me (Bud’s Louisiana Express)

buds-louisiana-expressBud's is back in downtown San Diego
Familiar face: Rob at Bud's

Familiar face: Rob at Bud’s

Bud’s is back in downtown San Diego, and brings with it some of the best Creole and Cajun cooking available outside New Orleans. The new location of Bud’s Louisiana Express is 815 F Street in East Village (the former site of Bake Sale bakery).

Recall that a former incarnation, Bud’s Louisiana Food Shoppe, used to serve up po’ boys and hushpuppies in Little Italy. That location next to The Waterfront that has since turned over several times). For the last several years, downtown denizens who needed a Bud’s fix could drive out to Bud’s Louisiana Café in Kearney Mesa (in a nondescript office park) for some fresh boiled crawfish or a bowl of jambalaya. Now, it’s heartening to have Bud’s back in the urban core.


Owner/chef Bud Deslatte notes on his website that he’s founded a dozen restaurants in five cities (San Diego, New Orleans, Atlanta, Portland and The Bay Area) since 1979. “I am always so delighted and fulfilled when I open a new place and a large clientele develops who appreciate all things ‘In The New Orleans Manner,’” he says.

Stand by for heaps of appreciation. A 12-ounce bowl of seafood gumbo or seafood bisque comes for $9, and the 24-ounce version is $16. Po’ boys are $13–including the New Orleans BBQ shrimp, pulled pork and blackened catfish. Also on the menu: shrimp and grits ($16); and a pasta jambalaya ($16), made with house-smoked duck and chicken, sautéed shrimp, Andouille pork sausage, tasso (smoked ham), Jambalaya base, smoked tomato sauce and a rich duck essence, tossed with pasta. For dessert: signature bread pudding ($7) made with creamy egg custard baked with French bread and topped with a white chocolate Frangelico sauce and toasted pecans.

Since its February soft opening, Bud’s Louisiana Express has been open for lunch Tuesday through Thursday from 11:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.; and lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday from 11:15 a.m. to 8:15 p.m.

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