Spite Spanos, Buy Padres Season Tickets

Petco-Park-2017Petco Park 2017

One nagging thought led me to accept a meeting at Petco Park with an inside sales rep for the San Diego Padres: Eff Spanos! With the Chargers readying to kickoff in Los Angeles I decided it was time to bolt down to East Village to look into Padres season tickets for the impending baseball season.

It’s not really in my budget to buy a full-season (80-home-game) ticket plan. Nor was a half season a likely line item; probably not even a 20-game plan. But with the NFL no longer a local option, part of me just wanted to spend some money (we’re talking tens of dollars!) to spite Chargers owner Dean Spanos.

Erin Miley from the Padres sales team invited me for a tour. Note: Experimental root canal sounds about as fun to me as a blind sales pitch from an email. But Spanos!

I wondered how she got my email address. Miley readily admitted my name was obtained from a list of Celebrate San Diego attendees. That was the Feb. 11 Petco Park event (that I did attend) aimed at consoling the sports teams’ fans left in town after the Chargers headed off to infamy and fortune in Los Angeles.


Erin Miley will help you spite Chargers owner Dean Spanos.

Miley turned out to be a recent UCLA grad (Gasp!) but a San Diego native (Whew!), whose mother used to work for the Padres (Aww!). Miley is sharp, and knows her Padres history. I asked if she was talking to others who were considering becoming new season ticketholders despite grim predictions for the Padres won-lost record but more as an in-yer-eye to the departed Deano.

“Yes, we’re definitely seeing people wanting to spend their money with us in light of them leaving town,” Miley said.

She took me into the press box, and down to the Lexus Home Plate Club seats, right behind home plate. In these seats, you’re closer to the catcher than the pitcher is during a game. At $20,000 per seat for a season, this section was look-but-don’t-sit. Neither was a Field Plaza Half-Season plan, with Wednesday, Friday, Sunday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday packages in Section 115 (closest to the field) at $1,700/seat, gonna pencil out.

That’s just one of several options we discussed. Turns out anybody can purchase plans that range from 80 games to just 10. There are some interesting benefits, that, or course, get better the more tickets you buy: access to a private lounge and private ballpark entrance, member events, and full-season ticket-holders get to take batting practice inside Petco Park.

In the end, Miley couldn’t chisel any blood money out of me. (But mark my word: Spanos will find that revenge is a dish best served cold. And alone.)

Since Miley was such a good sport, though, I’m passing along her contact information—to any other San Diego sports fan who might want to learn more about spending their Spanos spite money.

Contact Erin Miley at emiley@padres.com; 619-795-5103.

The Padres open the season on Tuesday, April 3, at 1:10 p.m. in Los Angeles. San Diego’s season home-opener is Friday, April 7, at 3:40 p.m.