Liberty Station Bike Ride from Downtown

Welcome to Liberty Public Market.Welcome to Liberty Public Market.

I had a hankering for a lobster roll. It was Earth Day weekend. So instead of driving out to Liberty Public Market to hit the Wicked Maine Lobster stand, Jules and I got out the bikes. The Liberty Station Bike Ride from downtown is scenic and hassle-free.

From our home base at Marina Park, we pedal over to the Embarcadero. It’s thick with tourists from Broadway to Grape Street, but it always feels good to pass by the big-rigged Star of India. We stay on the west side of Harbor Drive, cycling on the bike/walk path—past the airport and Harbor Island.

The cement path continues through picturesque Spanish Landing Park. Go all the way to the end of the park—even though it looks like a dead end. Pedal under the bridged portion of Harbor Drive. On the other side, swing onto the pedestrian-friendly Nimitz Bridge and cross it over the bay. Now you’re in Liberty Station Park. You’ll see all kinds of sporting events being played in this vast green space: volleyball, flag football, Frisbee. On this trip, we caught the end of a Bubble Soccer game (soccer played while wearing giant, transparent, bouncy hamster balls).

Liberty Station Bike Ride Scenes


Liberty Public Market

Liberty Public Market is a 25,000-square-foot food hall with dozens of vendors. Food. Drink. Crafts. Flowers. Jules and I made a round and zeroed in on our targets. My order went in at Wicked Maine Lobster for a lobster roll served with warm butter (God forbid you ruin it by getting one chilled with mayo).

Jules hit Pi Bar inside the Mess Hall. She ordered a slice of Spring Greens pizza, with English peas, asparagus, spring onions pesto and mozzarella. It’s often elbow-to-elbow inside the Mess Hall but we scored a table. I grabbed a couple beers for us. For her: the light Weihenstephaner Original from Germany. For me: the unseasonable but delish Beachwood BBQ Udder Love Milk Stout, out of Long Beach.







What’s New at Liberty Station

The new Buena Forchetta.

Pie, yi, yi, at the new Buena Forchetta.

Officine Buena Forchetta is finally open. We were high on veggie pizza and lobster roll, but Jules and I strolled through the new pizzeria at Liberty Station. Buena Forchetta in South Park is my number-one favorite place for a pie. The new place is gorgeous—white tile, gold pizza ovens and a cherry red Fiat 850 Coupe nestled in the back of the place. Yes, they put a dining table inside the coupe. And yes, we’ll be back soon for pizza, and if the coupe is available that’s where we’ll pie one on.

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